(Photo: Ed O’Brien, 247Sports)

Connor Howes: A Towering Talent in High School Football

A new star is rising in the ever-evolving landscape of high school football. Connor Howes, an offensive tackle from St. Cloud High School in Florida, is rapidly making a name for himself in the competitive arena of national high school athletics. At an imposing 6’6″ and weighing 295 pounds, Howes’s physical attributes alone are enough to catch the eye of college coaches. However, his skill on the field and strategic approach to his career set him apart from his peers.

Howes, a three-star recruit, has been an instrumental part of St. Cloud’s offensive line, primarily serving as a left tackle. His junior season was particularly notable as he earned All-Conference honors, reflecting his significant contribution to a team competing in Florida’s 4S classification. This accolade, among others, underscores Howes’s effectiveness and reliability on the field.

The recent announcement of his selection for the 2024 Army All-American Bowl Game in December, a significant milestone in his career, is a testament to his growing reputation. This prestigious event is a gateway to future success at the collegiate and professional levels and is a cause for celebration and anticipation among his fans and supporters.

Interest in Howes extends beyond the gridiron, with several prominent universities extending scholarships. Arkansas, Arkansas State, Mississippi State, UCF, USF, Houston, and other schools have expressed their desire to have Howes join their ranks, highlighting the widespread recognition of his potential. 

Thriving in the intricacies of his football career in today’s landscape necessitates more than just athletic prowess. The Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) era has revealed new avenues for athletes to cultivate their brand and secure their financial future while still in school. While the ability to accept NIL deals in the State of Florida is not yet allowed, Connor acknowledges the significance of expert guidance in this new realm. Howes’s strategic move of partnering with Legacy Pro Sports Agency, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is a testament to his forward-thinking approach to his career, ensuring that he optimizes his opportunities both on and off the field.

Legacy Pro Sports Agency, known for its comprehensive support for athletes, will undoubtedly be a critical asset in managing Howes’s NIL opportunities. With their expertise, Howes can navigate endorsement deals, personal branding, and other off-field ventures that complement his athletic career, ensuring compliance with NCAA regulations and setting a foundation for long-term success.

Connor Howes represents the new breed of high school athletes: immensely talented, strategically minded, and prepared for the future. The sports world eagerly watches as he continues dominating the field and building his brand off it. With his senior year and the Army All-American Bowl on the horizon, Howes is not just a player to watch but a phenomenon in the making.

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